Coaching is not waste of time

Posted on Mar 24, 2017


As a software engineer I like to coach less experienced colleagues and interns. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Our company has internships for 2 years and I actively participated in it.

When I teach (software engineers for most), I keep in mind these points in my head:

  • You should give only useful information. If you change your mind in the middle of the sentence, try to tell an interesting story, your colleague(s) will understand nothing.
  • Before you present the best practices — analyze it. It means you should think about questions, advantages, and disadvantages, the evolution of your suggestion. It helps you take another view on your code (or technique).
  • Don’t treat colleagues as children. Many engineers have a different experience (in university/other jobs). That means they probably know more than you in some knowledge (I also think we can learn a lot useful from children). Think about it like cooperation, you can learn a lot from your colleagues and interns. It’s a big world, many things happen.
  • Always give a second chance. You have no mistakes only if you do nothing. Remember your first years in software development or university projects. Be honest, we all have f8ck-ups. Maybe someone failed because you didn’t give him full information, didn’t check his understanding.
  • Motivate them by your own. Motivation means a lot. Teach people to be concentrated and be “a good citizen”. I think it’s bad if you force people to overtime. It’s better if you’ll teach them how to make it all in time.
  • Don’t scare your intern will be better than you in the future. We’re all different. Share your mind, it’s let you grow fast too.

So, why coaching is not a waste of time?

Because it teaches you too. On a big scale it helps an industry. It’s a win-win situation.